Better late than never

It hasn’t been quite a week since the Final FLF & most people have already blogged their great finds, I like to consider myself fashionably late..yup, that’s what I’mma call it. I don’t really dress my avatar according to the weather in RL like most people I see…to each his or her own, Right?!?! Well, I personally like to mix up things, a shirt from this outfit with a skirt from something totally different. I have had horrendous experiences in doing so, while on the other hand, I’ve created some of my favorite outfits. But isn’t that what SL is all about, getting those creative juices pumping? 

  • Clothes:  Simple Cozy Sweater (Taupe) from Kyoot 50L (Fifty Linden Friday) & Leather Brown Skirt from DeeTaleZ 150L
  • Shoes: Mesh * Alexa Wedges * FLF Edition from Maitreya 50L (Fifty Linden Friday)
  • Hair: Glowing Review Redux “Red Eye Flight” from Clawtooth 50L (Fifty Linden Friday)
  • Skin: Nana – Soul of angel milk from Al Vulo! 0L (Group Gift)
  • Shape: Tatum from Savoir Faire Shapes 500L
  • Poses: Julie16 from DieselWorks 0L (Christmas Gift) & Runway – Dirty Little 1 from PNP 0L (Group Gift)
  • Pictures taken @ Alirium 
I’ll be the first to admit, I was dead set on NEVER buying anything Mesh but when I saw these shoes sim hopping during the Final FLF, I was mesmerized…I had to have em. Then of course, I had to download the compatible viewer but OMG it was totally worth it. Now I did buy my skirt via MP because I have my lazy days, so if you’re interested to see it, click here.
Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories, so get out there & make some.



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