I’m Blue

Did you know that more people claim blue as their favorite color than any other color? While I’m loyal to green, I have completely fell in love with this dress, it just flows well with my avatar. I thought I’d share some interesting facts about the color that I found:

-Blue symbolism associates blue with freedom, strength & new beginnings.        

-Blue is the color of loyalty and faith.

-Blue is also the color of protection.            

-People who wear light blue are said to be analytic & have a practical approach to life. People who wear   dark blue are intelligent & self-reliant & take on a great deal of responsibility. 

-Light & soft blue can alleviate insomnia.

  • Clothes: MILLENNIUM Dress from Bounce 1L ( FTLO Millennium Hunt)
  • Boots: Flat Ankle Boots from *COCO* 0L (Group Gift)
  • Hair: Marie from D!va 0L (2500+ Members Group Gift)
  • Eyes: Soulful Eyes (dark) from Frequency (No longer available)
  • Skin: Isha from Style .:X:. 0L (Lucky Letter Board, changes every 30 mins)
  • Make-Up: Cat Eyeliner from Regalo 20L (New release) 
  • Shape: Stacy from Factorie 50L
  • Jewelry: Boule Earrings from .phresh. 1L ( FTLO Millennium Hunt)
  • Poses: Karolina 5 from Embody 0L (Shays 3rd Bloggyversary gift) & Poses 2 & 3 from Magnifique Poses 0L (FWH #27)
– FTLO Millennium Hunt Blog—>Click Me
-CoCo has lots of great group gifts click the link to TP, it’s FREE to join.
-D!va is also FREE to join & the Marie hair comes with short & long options as shown.
-I know I’m late but I’d like to congratulate my new friend & fellow blogger Shayariel Teardrop for 3 AWESOME years as a SL Blogger & big thanks to all that contributed to her bloggyversary with gifts, check her blog out here & be sure to follow her.

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