Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are. -Kurt Cobain

While I shuffled through my inventory, rummaging through all the stuff from my latest hunts, this song got embedded in my brain. You know, when you sing it over & over….then put it on repeat some more, it pumped me up so much that it’s the inspiration for this post.


  • Clothes: Punkatude from Envious 120L
  • Shoes: Chucks included w/ outfit
  • Hair: Andarial B&W Pack from Magika 199L
  • Eyes: Quartz (Red) from Pulcino 0L (The Cafe Hunt #51)
  • Skin: Renzie – Shine from Al Vulo! 800L
  • Make-Up: Blowin Smoke EyeShadow from AlterEgo
  • Shape: Nicole from Waffle 10L
  • Earrings: Beaded Silver Hoop Earrings from Fusion 100L
  • Facial Piercings: Sarah (Dark Silver/Sphere) from <- PoM -> 1L (FTLO Millennium Hunt)
  • Tattoo: Beautiful Life from Regalo 0L (Subscriber Gift)
  • Poses: Pose #2 from !SyDS! 0L (The Cafe Hunt #63) & past hunt poses from PNP 
-Shape was part of a one day sale, regular price is 149L

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