So it’s Friday & like always, I’m home with nothing to do or nowhere to go. Oh the joys of living in a small town..thankfully I have Second Life which offers me an alternative; I can dance, drink (with no hangover), travel, & so on. For those of you that actually have something to do, I’ll keep this post simple, but I wish you all a safe & wonderful weekend!

  • Shirt: Agnes Bustier Top Ruffles (Vanilla) from Bounce 0L (SPH #5)
  • Pants: Maddy Jeans from Bounce 0L (SPH #5)
  • Poncho: Stripe-Gray/brown from [BUKKA] 0L (LL Chair)
  • Boots: Muggy Brown (Fatpack) from Kookie 0L (SOM Gift)
  • Hair: Pompon Hair – Cinnamon (Reds Pack) from /Wasabi Pills/ 250L
  • Eyes: Colorful Eyes Set – Golden from [BND]  5L
  • Shape & Skin: Dara from Art Body Store 75L (The Tropicalia Bazaar)
  • Eyelashes: Lashes 6 from Ploom (Came w/ a skin pack)
  • Poses: Various poses from PURPLEPose 5-10L each
  • Photos taken @ Holiday Village 
-For LM’s, hints, & all other info for the Seasons Palette Hunt, check their blog here.

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