Punk Meets Casual

It seems everyone has their own “style.” I remember back when I first started SL, everything I bought was black, I swear my inventory contained no other color. I’ve had my phases….from goth to neko to even slutty but the one thing has never changed is who I am on the inside. Fashion has evolved in SL, so we as residents in this crazy world have to do the same or else we’ll look like someone who just popped in on noob island. Every so often wonderful designers all over the grid take the time to create something special, most the time it’s FREE for grid-wide hunts. Now when I’m doing a hunt, I see people grab that free item & haul ass to the next location…ME, I’m different, I like to take the time to browse the store..if possible buy a lil something as a thank you. I realize money is an issue for most people, I think the least you can do is maybe join the group or SOM to keep updated if you really like the makers stuff, heck never know..sometimes you get a gift for doing just that.

  • Shirt: Cashmere Long Sleeve – { powder pink } from AlterEgo 75L
  • Jeans: Hip Hugger Jeans – Ripped from Crush 150L
  • Shoes: FLORA Pumps from H.LUZZA 0L (Group Gift, Free to join)
  • Hair: Dora Black VI from MADesigns 0L (Womenstuff Hunt #4) <— Click there for hunt blog!
  • Eyes: Purpose – Dark Fear from MADesigns 0L (Womenstuff Hunt #4)
  • Shape: Veronica Doll Shape from [XYR] (No longer available)
  • Skin: Ley Pink from – CHANDELLE – 0L  (Group Gift, 25L to join)
  • Eyelashes: Scripted Eyes Lash – V2 – XL  from – MPP – 90L
  • Earrings: Beaded Silver Hoop Earrings from :Fusion: 100L 
  • Facial Piercings: Orchid from Sour Pickles (Review item)
  • Nails: Long Nails v2 – I Taste Just Like Candy from Mstyle 149L
  • Tattoo: Forever Loved  [Fresh] from AITUI 0L (Womenstuff Hunt #80)
  • Pose 02 from Eternal Dream 0L (Womenstuff Hunt #105) & Pose Five from oOo Studio 0L (Womenstuff Hunt #51)
  • Prop: Urban Pose Prop from dementia Runner  10L (Includes poses too)
-The Orchid face piercing from [SP] is released for Week 1 of the 50L Frenzy so go grab it like nao 😛

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