Sales…Gifts…Hunts, Oh My!

Weekends are a time to kick back & relax, right? Well, for most people it is. Everyone is doing stuff, I mean tonight is the big prom in SL, tomorrow is the Blackout at AlterEgo & it’s the weekend before Valentine’s Day. For those that really have nothing to do, my look is a mix of some of the great deals to be found. Take the time to do a hunt, hell drag a friend along with no more standing at home wishing you had something to do!

  • Sweater: Snuggly Love Always Sweater Black from [ SAKIDE ] 0L (Seraphim GG, Free to join) Click here for the Seraphim HQ’s.
  • Pants: Vintage Shiny Jeans Floral Pink from [ SAKIDE ] 50L (Valentine Sale)
  • Boots: Leather Boots Female (Also includes male version) from Gabriel 0L (GG, Free to join)
  • Hair: Luna – Roots Edition from Magika 249L
  • Eyes: ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Pale Rose (XL) from IKON – Formerly Fashism (Paid 0L as a GG but are available on MP for 150L)
  • Shape: Audrina from Factorie 50L (New Release)
  • Skin: :::HappyValentine:::Gift (( I LOVE YOU )) from JeSyLiLO 0L (GG, Free to join)
  • Piercings: Him & Her Piercing from {K}Rea 50L
  • Glasses: ColorTrash from Glasiz – Soon to be ShadZ (Paid 10L @ the store closing sale but they are available on MP for 45L)
  • Necklace: Sheet Metal Trash Can Necklace from Sour Pickles (Review Item)
  • Prop: Sheet Metal Trash Can from Sour Pickles (Review Item)
  • Poses: Photo #1 PURPLEPose453 from PURPLEPoses 10L, Photo #2 Daring Diva3 from Sparrowtree Studio Poses 0L (Seraphim GG), Photo #3 Gentle Pose2 from CS Shapes 0L (Womenstuff Hunt #104), & Photo #4 Dumpster Diver from Sylva’s Animation Factory 60L
-The sweater also comes in pink & red, perfect for Valentine’s Day.
-The Valentine Sale @ SAKIDE last until the 14th, everything RED & PINK is 50% off.
-My review items from Sour Pickles this week are a glimpse of the prizes for the Seasame Street Hunt, which runs from February 5th – March 5th

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