Eat your heart out

No? Okay then I will…did a bit of a twist on some hunt items I recently grabbed. I had lots of fun with this one, perhaps because I have a bit of sadistic side. It’s all fun & games til the zombies come…are you prepared?!?

  • Clothing: Lovely Crimson Outfit (w/ pumps) from [ SAKIDE ] 0L (My Rotting Valentine Hunt #3)
  • Hair: Distracted – Mirrored (Unnatural Tones) from Magika 250L
  • Eyes: Slaughter v2 Eyes (Red Sclera) from Repulse 0L (My Rotting Valentine Hunt #8) 
  • Eyelashes: Lashes 6 from .ploom. (Came w/ a skin I purchased)
  • Shape, Skin & Ears: [ Elven ] Avatar from Anymore 10L (The Glamour is Hunt #1) 
  • Nails: Los Muertos from …::: Scrub :::… 0L (SOM Gift)
  • Mouth attachment: Valentine EatYourHeart (w/ bloody mouth tattoo) from DRD 0L (My Rotting Valentine Hunt #27) 
  • Prop: Chainsaw Murder Weapon w/ animation 0L (Got this from Falmouth Hotel)
  • Photos taken @ Contagion RPG Sim
-Most of these hunts will be coming to an end soon, for information on any I’ve participated in, please check the Hunt page at the top of my blog.


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