Stylin & Profilin

Hello to all the lovelies!! This week is almost coming to an end. What better way than to end with an outfit that you can go out clubbing in?  I don’t know about you all, but sometime after a hard week I want to get me something nice and go out and party and have some fun.  So I went looking around for you all to see what I could find. So who is ready to get the weekend started with me? I know that I am, so let’s start it off right. I hope you all enjoy & Have fun shopping!!


– For those of you who don’t have the right viewer to see mesh here are the ones that you can use. 

 Phoenix 1.6.0

Singularity (exactly like Phoenix)

Firestorm 3.2

Viewer 3

Kirstens S21

I’m also adding this song for you all. It’s one of my fav’s now. Hope you enjoy!


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I go around in the lovely world of sl and find things that might interest me and other. I want to let everyone have a chance at the good stuff that's here in sl. If there is anything I can help with just let me know. View all posts by kayleelecter

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