I haz a new poll…help me out please!

Ok Ok….after this post I’ll shut up for the night but I had an idea I wanted to pass by y’all. Standing on my platform earlier with my love Az, he’ll probably kill me reading this but I told him he needed a makeover, lols….Well I mean he does but that sparked an idea & since I’m new to blogging…IDK if anyone has even done this, I’m sure they have, I mean no intrusion & most def am not trying to steal others ideas. So often as bloggers we’re playing barbie on ourselves, maybe we could do one where we blog another person….friend or whomever, do a before & after photo…this doesn’t mean spending loads of L unless you want to but it can be something simple, take em to a hunt or sale somewhere, pick an outfit out…kinda like giving to others, thought it would be fun…so let me know yer thoughts.


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