Get Yer Hunt On


 So it’s that time of the month when most hunts are coming to an end….don’t worry, there are some AWESOME ones that’ll take their place. Tonight I hope you get plenty of rest so tomorrow you can get those walking shoes on & find those prizes. As always, remove un-needed scripts to help reduce lag & give the stores time to rezz. There are lots more I know, but here are a few hunts I’d like to make mention of, all details as you know can be found under the hunts tab at the top, Happy Hunting Y’all!

  • The March Hare Hunt
  • Skins and Hair Hunt  (Starts Friday)
  • Saint Patrick’s Day Hunt
  • The Twisted Hunt – Arcane
  • Music is Life Hunt
  • The Cookie Jar Spring Festival Hunt (Starts Saturday)
  • Lil Bits Hunt (Kids ONLY, Sponsored by Sour Pickles) For my niecey-poo Dizzy!!!
Peace & Love,
P.S. If you know of any hunts not listed, please let me know, I’d love to add em!


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