Drinking alone in Dublin

I know I’m a bit EARLY celebrating St. Patrick’s Day but there is no wrong time to have a drink, well at least not in SL. Green is so my favorite color so this month I’ll be showing a lot of it, also in hopes to give a glimpse of the GREAT hunts taking place. My advice….wait til the hangover has passed….grab a buddy…because friends don’t let friends hunt alone!!

  • Clothing: St. Pattys from AlterEgo 0L (St. Patricks Day Hunt #21)
  • Included w/ the outfit is the chest tattoo, clover mouth nom, boots, wings & arm tape.
  • Hair: Distracted (Unnatural Tones) from Magika 250L
  • Eyes: Lunar – Clover Large (Fatpack) from <<< np >>> 250L
  • Eyelashes: Included w/ the hunt item from The Skin You’re In 10L (Skins & Hairs Hunt #16, also includes shape) 
  • Shape: Devon Akoi from Pink Sugah 0L (Past hunt item, still available)
  • Skin: Lizy from *Rag Doll* 10L (Skins & Hairs Hunt #2) 
  • Piercings: Spiral Clover from Sour Pickles (Review item, read notes please) & nose piercing from [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] 1L (The Penitent Hunt #21, also includes blindfold & mouth cloth) 
  • Poses: All from PURPLEPoses 10L each
  • The Dirty Dublin Pub includes building w/ lights, bar, 2-tables, chairs w/ animations, decorations, broken pallet w/ Pot-o-Crackers from Creative Decay 10L (On sale until St. Patricks Day – MP LINK)
-The piercing from Sour Pickles will be 50L tomorrow for Monday Mania.
-Pub also comes with a poofer, but for photo purposes I went into edit linked parts (the poofer is in the sign on the outside) & removed it.

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