It’s me again:P

I decided to sneak in & do another blog post today, trying to catch up my slack. A break is needed from time to time but I’ll be straight up with y’all…if I don’t blog one day, I really MISS putting together a post & sharing it with everyone. I won’t get too personal or anything because this is meant to be fun, BUT I’ve had a rough patch lately & having this blog to work on has been really beneficial to me. It helps me get my mind off things. I can never give enough thanks to my readers & those that encouraged me to blog from the beginning…I’m ever so grateful *sniffles all mushy like*

  • Dress:  WomenStuff Lounge Special Gift from GizzA 0L (Free to join)
  • Shoes: Platform Pumps from HOC Industries 175L
  • Hair: Anita – Darkbrown from .:EMO-tions:.  0L (In-store Gift)
  • Eyes: Mystic – Universe (6 Color FATPACK) from <<< np >>> 50L (Discount section) 
  • Skin: Zaya from .::CENSORED::. 10L (Skins & Hairs Hunt #1)
  • Shape: Lily of the Valley from qbee 1L (The Penitent Hunt #20)
  • Earrings: Daan from Twishee 0L (Review for Fashioncentric Hunt, Read notes)
  • Accessories: Studs Purse (Taupe) from (O&N) 35L (March Gacha Madness)
  • Photos taken @ Casa Blanca Bay 
-The Fashioncentric Hunt DOES NOT start until April 1st, check their blog here to keep updated.

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