We ALL have a voice

Most people have hectic lives, we work..come home…cook…clean…rest a bit..go to bed…then the next morning we repeat. So when we read things online, we probably just skim through it & when we watch the news, we hear it but we don’t really LISTEN. So sometimes those important things get overlooked. I know my blog is for SL, but isn’t SL just an extension of who we are in RL. I mean there are thousands upon thousands of people in this virtual world from every little nook of the globe. For those of us that do pay attention to what’s going on, we take it in & move on, because in reality even if we want to make a change, we think…”I’m ONE person, no one will listen.” But if one person tells another person & the trend continues, eventually you won’t be alone. Recently, someone in SL has started spreading the news of a campaign…she made some shirts & is doing what she can to make the unknown…KNOWN. I decided to blog this in hopes to spread the word & hopefully in the end, make a difference. Check the links below for all information!!

Kony 2012 Pledge & Film

The Invisible Children

  • Top: KONY 2012 Invisible Children – Always Free from Adriana Steampunk 0L (Read notes)
  • Bottoms: Denim Flares – Blk/Star/Pink from AlterEgo 175L
  • Shoes: Platform Pumps from HOC Industries 175L
  • Hair: Yva from MINA Hair 75L (The Tropicalia Big Bazaar)
  • Eyes: Mystic – Grave (6 Color FATPACK) from <<< np >>> 50L (Discount section) 
  • Shape & Skin: Came from bonne chance! 10L (Skins & Hairs Hunt #7)
  • Tattoo: Runes from Little Pricks 50L
  • Belt: Stroll (Female) I have no idea who the maker is 😦
  • Nails: Bloody Hell Nails (MP LINK) from [Mad Echo] 10L
  • Bracelet: Orion Hand Belt w/ Chain from Gabriel 0L (GG, Free to join)
  • Earrings: .insane. from [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] 0L (3rd Anniversary Mini Hunt, items free to SOM subscribers)
  • ALL poses used are from PURPLEPoses 10L each

-Adriana is the owner of :: Happy.Face :: she sent this kit out to her group but if you’d like a copy, drop me an IM in-world. There are male & female shirts with a NC that gives you the scoop on the film & campaign & how YOU can help!


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