Home Alone

I’ve been thinking about putting up another house again, my friends can tell you, I change houses like I do clothing. At the moment, it’s just my tiny platform with some photo stuff laying around. I get bored looking at just nothing so I put up a house, decorate it all fancy like…a week later, I tear it all down because what point is a house for someone that’s alone, a waste of prims I tell you. This goes on & on, too bad “if you build it, they will come” doesn’t hold true. Since it’s almost St. Patricks Day & I LOVE green..I figured I could put to use some items from current hunts available at Sour Pickles. Diggin through my cluttered closet, I also found this recent MM prize from Envious (which is why you need to run by there & slap it daily) but you can still get it in-store.

  • Clothing: Fully Alive from :.Envious.: 0L (Past MM Item, In-Store for 149L)
  • Included w/ outfit are the bangles & boots.
  • Hair: Puk – Black from MINA Hair Fashion 10L (Skins & Hairs Hunt #10)
  • Eyes: Mystic – Magical (6 Color FATPACK) from <<< np >>> 50L (Discount section) 
  • Eyelashes: Lashes 6 from .ploom. (Came w/ a skin I purchased)
  • Shape: Maya from Crush 250L
  • Skin: Maya – Powder (Natural) from Crush 300L
  • Tattoo: Banned – Dark from Crush 50L (Fatpack-37 Tattoos)
  • Nails: Rainbow Nails (MP LINK) from [Mad Echo] 1L
  • Piercing: Cleaver Clover Chain from Sour Pickles (Review item, read notes)
  • Poses: Karolina from Embody
  • Irish Day Bed from Sour Pickles (Mean Green Hunt #74)
  • Comfy Lounger & Draped Floor Lamp-Clover from Sour Pickles 0L (Torch Guide Hunt #16)
  • Wardrobe w/ Poses Black Wood from Icons of Style (Past Hunt Item)
  • The Secret Wall Decal (MP LINK) from Sign Up Ink 45L

-The piercing is this weeks sale item from Sour Pickles, ends either today or tomorrow, it’s 50L & perms are C/M.
-Also wanted to note that Envious is having a retirement sale plus some group gifts (free to join), all outfits in the retirement room are 59-99L, ends April 6th.


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