Closing Sale

For those of you that don’t read the Seraphim Blog, first off….SHAME ON YOU. Because if there are good deals to be had in SL….they’ll know about it, so here’s their site, bookmark it NOW 😛 Anywho…back to what I was saying, if you’re not aware they posted about a store that’s having a closing sale. Ugh, it breaks my heart to hear of a place closing, only upside to it….you can get stuff really CHEAP. Say farewell to Hot Dolphin Love Animations which will be closing this upcoming Thursday. Here’s the skinny on the sale prices:

  • Single Pose Animations are 1L each (ARE YOU KIDDIN’ ME?!?)
  • Couples Poses 2L each (NO REALLY…YOU MUST BE KIDDIN’…RIGHT?!?!)
  • Full Perm Animations 50L each (HOLY CRAP)

Ok ok, so I got a bit dramatic there…but that’s RIDICULOUS. I’ve already went & snatched a few up & now so should you, so hop this taxi down to the store & happy shopping!

Peace & Love,



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