In for the kill

As I sit here killing some time in a camping chair & rockin’ to some tuneage, I figured I’d get this blog thing done. But I honestly have nothing to say today, I’m in a oober fantastic mood but my mind is …….Yeah, it’s blank. I think this will be a short one, it’s so beautiful out today, I believe a walk is in order..well after lunch that is 😛 It’s Hump Day peoples, so we’re half way there…oh & I’ll be kind & share my tunes with y’all, Enjoy!


  • Clothing: Goin in 4 Tha Kill from ::AlterEgo:: 250L (New Release, Includes Stomach Tattoo)
  • Belt: M1956 Pistol Belt from MH+ Labs (Was a gift)
  • Boots: Lazy Shoe Version (Bootcut) from DRD 50L
  • Hair: Dora Black VI from MADesigns (Past Hunt Item, Available now for 300L)
  • Eyes: Sunrise – Celtic Green from IKON – Formerly Fashism (Past GG but are available on MP for 150L)
  • Eyelashes: Scripted Eyelashes – Medium Classic/Black (MP LINK) from -MPP- 90L
  • Shape: Bec from Factorie 0L (GG, Free to join)
  • Skin: Lily Pale BR from Belleza 0L (Christmas GG, 250L to join)
  • Nails: Bloody Hell (MP LINK) from [Mad Echo] 10L
  • Piercings: Snake Bites – Simple from [ni.Ju] (Past SoM GG) & Bloody Upper Arm Rings Piercing from :Little Pricks: 0L (Freebie located near Camping/LL Chairs)
  • Glasses: Aviator Style – Unisex (MP LINK) from HOC Industries 40L
  • Cigarette w/ Zippo Lighter (MP LINK) from Suddenly Design 350L
  • Cigarette Arm Strap (MP LINK) from Dirtyland 165L
  • Double Barreled Shotgun from GES (Was a gift)

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