Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice?

It’s been in the 80’s here where I live….in March…HOLY CRAP BATMAN!! I have always been a summer kinda gal, mostly because growing up I loved the break from school; this meant softball, camp, the local fair, catching lightening bugs while playing outside late at night & amusement parks. I figured I’d take a stroll around Second Life, see if some old hangouts were still there. I had a blast on some carnival rides, got lost in the fun house. Later I came across this ice cream shoppe…after such a long day, I figured what the heck….I nom’d on some all-time favorite…I was so worn out, the sugar rush was much needed. Thankfully we can eat our heart out in Second Life with no affect on our waist. To get you thinking, I ask…what’s your favorite summer past time?

  • Clothing: Pink shirt & Jeans from Kruemelz Designs (Preview item for the Fashioncentric Hi5 Hunt)
  • Punk Bracelets included w/ outfit.
  • Shoes: Glamour Flats from [::Hysterical::] (Past Hunt Item)
  • Hair: Quest – Raw Honey w/ clip from Analog Dog 0L (Point B Holiday Gift)
  • Eyes: Sunrise – Deep Bronze  from IKON – Formerly Fashism (Past GG but are available on MP for 150L)
  • Eyelashes: Scripted Eyelashes – XL Pretty – Black (MP LINK) from -MPP- 90L
  • Skin: Lily Pale BR from Belleza 0L (GG, 250L to join)
  • Shape: Bec from Factorie 0L (GG, Free to join)
  • Nails: Fabulous (MP LINK) from [Mad Echo] 10L
  • Tattoo & Piercing: Punky Sleeve & Gauges from :: Toxxic Ink ::  (Preview item for the Fashioncentric Hi5 Hunt)
  • Accessories: Retro Glasses from Kaylee Lectar (Read Notes Please)
  • Jewelry: Black Bead Necklace (Women) from Gabriel 0L (GG, Free to join)
  • Extra(s): Tongue Candy Colored from {*I ❤ FashiOn*} 0L (Stuff in Stock Gift)
  • Poses: Karolina from Embody
  • Photos taken @ The Ice Cream Shoppe – CCC (Kid friendly PG Sim)

-For those new to reading my blog, the Hi5 Hunt DOES NOT start until April 1st.
-These sunglasses were made by my sister as a gift to our followers, if you’d like a pair, please contact me in-world or leave a comment….thanks for reading & supporting us.


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