Spring Fever

“Spring is when life’s alive in everything.” —Christina Rossetti

I’m so happy it’s finally Spring….hearing the birds chirp, feeling the sun warm my skin & especially the smell of fresh flowers blooming. This outfit just makes me feel ALIVE, with a girl-ish feel. It takes me back to those innocent childhood moments of being outside looking up at the stars, just enjoying the small things in life. I must admit that’s one good thing about living in the middle of nowhere, you see everything…don’t have those big city lights ruining it.


  • Plumeria Dress – Green from [ SAKIDE ] 0L (DSMH #005)
  • Spring Stompers included w/ outfit.



  • Hedera Vine Head Wreath from Illusions 115L
  • Flapping Faery Wings – Style 4 (MP LINK) from Epic 69L
  • Kyoot Potted Happy Fire Flower Nom-Nom! from Epic 0L (DSMH #006)
  • Stylish Pearl Flower Ring (Exclusive) from / * qbee (Came w/ a shape I have)

Poses from Amato (Past Hunt Prize)
Photos taken @ The Looking Glass

-The outfit comes in yellow as well.
-I purchased these wings on MP, says they are retired so I’m not sure if they’re sold in-world.


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