Happy Friday

So unless things change later on, this will be my only post today….I’m so tired & going on 3.5 hrs of sleep in 2 days. I can see you shaking your head, but I was sooooo committed to organizing & cleaning my inventory plus RL stuff…just haven’t had time. I put a nice dent in slimming down my inventory, pats myself on the back, I have deleted over 15K thus far. Major face-palms, I had outfits from EARLY 2010, needless to say those were deleted FAST, no reminiscing because the longer I ponder, the more I’ll risk changing my mind. I lie to you not, my wrist are in pain from all the clicking. Damn skippy I’m persistent. Oh god, I’m totally babbling….MY BAD, I wanted to wish you all a safe Friday…it’s the weekend y’all. Be sure to take advantage of the hunts & great events going on, they won’t last forever. Last but not least…..*does a pathetic excuse for a drum roll* Nahhh…don’t think y’all can handle it…ok ok ok ok okkkkkkkk, So for all of the impatient people that been waiting to troll the new layout of the Toxxic & Crush sims, tomorrow your wait is OVER bishes & doods. (Please excuse my behavior, I get geeky when I’m tired.) If I weren’t like a lazy blogger right now I’d give you all the details but sorry, you gotta click her blog HERE & do it all yerself. Y’all still love me? Right? *Hears crickets in the background* Fineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I’m going to bed but I still LOVE each & every one of my readers, you make it worth every photo…word…and sometimes headaches 😛

Peace & Love,



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