I ♥ Rock N’ Roll

Well I do…but I also love this dress… even more love-able that it’s totally FREE! It has that sexy appeal but also shows I can handle my own punk-ish look. I imagine it would look great with some sexy heels as well, but I figured I’d put to use these boots I snatched up at XY Room. Now crank up the volume & jam to some music…sounds like I’m not the only one that loves it.

Click Me For Tuneage




  • Shape: Poisoned Zombie from [Revenant] 20L (Starish Fashion Flea Market)
  • Skin: Ayva (Tan) from VERSHE (Review for L’Armoire)
  • Hair: Foxi – Goths (Red) from Tameless 75L (Stuff in Stock)
  • Eyes: Mystic – Grave from <<< np >>> 50L (Discount section, 6 Color FATPACK)
  • Eyelashes: Lashes 6 from .ploom. (Came w/ a skin I have)
  • Tattoo: Love to Death from Endless Pain 0L (Spring Madness Hunt)
  • Nails: Bloody Hell (MP LINK) from [Mad Echo] 10L


  • Earrings: Eve from Persefona 0L (Beauty & The Freak Hunt)
  • Bracelets from .:* LOULOU&CO *:. (Past Hunt Item)

Other Goodies

  • Retro Cassette Wall Decal from Sharkfin 0L (Music Is Life Hunt)
  • Red Bar Stool from True Love Never Dies 0L (The Nest Egg Hunt)
  • Poses: Nooo from HelaMiyo 0L (Spring Madness Hunt) & Stylish from I ♥ Posey (Past Hunt Item)

-L`Armoire is opening on March 31st. It`s going to be an event held every 3 weeks with designers who will put out one to three items priced between 50-150L. Landmark to be posted later!
-The Starish Fashion Flea Market ends TODAY!


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