Clean Up in the Mesh Dept.

I’m late to the mesh bandwagon…mostly because of my own fault, but better late than never. Now all my window shopping is mesh items, I see what everyone else means by it being addicting. Perving another blog, I seen there was a hunt at some store I had never heard of, so I was like what the hell, can’t hurt to check it out. I had to get the hunt item & leave like FAST because I drooling over all the items I wanted, LoL….sure hope the store has a janitor. While there I snatched up this cute dress in the hunt & mistakenly bought these shoes, lucky for me they were cheap & actually matched my new dress..WIN \o/ Yeah I know, you’re probably reading this & telling me to shut up already, so I’m passing some tuneage along to you, big kisses.



  • Marchesa Dress – Sepia (Mesh) from Ricielli 15L (Easter Hunt Item #15)
  • Tate Shoes – Soft from Ricielli 50L


  • Skin & Shape: Fairy from Apparence 0L (Fashioncentric Hi5 Hunt)
  • Hair: Perri – Mahogany from ::Exile:: 60L (The Dressing Room Blue)
  • Eyes: Mystic – Gold from <<< np >>> 50L (Discount section, 6 Color FATPACK)
  • Eyelashes: Medium Classic – Black (MP LINK) from -MPP- 90L
  • Nails: Vixen – Rust from [croire] (Past Hunt Item)


  • Necklace: Apala from FINESMITH 0L (The Runway Perfect Hunt)

Pose from Magnifique Poses (Past Hunt Item)
Photos taken @ [.XIV] Evanesce


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