The Road to Easter

I had spent tireless hours flipping through all the cookbooks I could get my hands on, only to have no inspiration on what to cook for our Easter family dinner. My mind raced, my sisters always brought something fancy from the city but I alone remained the small town girl; what could I make that would measure up to their standards. Out of nowhere it hit me, I was always my grandmothers favorite so it was no surprise that I was the only one she shared her famous red velvet cake recipe with. I quickly gathered my basket & headed out to the chicken coop.

I could hear the hens cackling from the front porch..imagine my surprise when I approached the coop & there was a lone rabbit perched inside with them. It was very evident that this was not any normal rabbit. While tossing my eggs down the ramp, he cocked his head upward & smiled at me. Now either I was loosing my mind or I heard him laugh while doing so.

Completely overwhelmed from what I just witnessed, I began to feel light headed…before I knew it I had fainted….

To be continued.


  • French Spring Outfit w/ Ballet Shoes – Cream from SAKIDE 0L (Hi5 Hunt)
  • Shape: Maya from Crush 250L
  • Skin: Maya – Powder (Smokey) from Crush 300L
  • Hair: Lola – Black Coffee (Mesh) from Wasabi Pills 250L
  • Eyes: Caramel from ROZENA
  • Eyelashes: Lashes 6 from .ploom. (Came w/ a skin)
  • Parted Lips 1 (MP LINK) from [:TULI:] 0L
  • Easter Egg Nails from .HollyWeird. 75L (New Release)
  • Necklace: I Am Aphrodite (Includes earrings) from Chop Zuey 0L (RPH)
  • Poses: Nooo 1 & 2 from HelaMiyo 0L (DSMH)
  • Time to Read Hideaway from Hanaya (Past Hunt Gift)
  • Bunny w/ Potted Plants from Cobble Rose 0L (EBH2 Sponsors Gift)
  • Sweet Dreams Rug from {what next} Outlet 10L
  • Rabbit in chicken coop from PDN 0L (EBH2)
  • Eat Basket! Pose (w/ basket) from P-N-P 0L (April GG, 100L to join)

-As always all the info for these hunts are on the Hunts page at the top of my blog, happy hunting!


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