As I take a break from my Road to Easter story line, I figured I’d show ya what Bethy has dug out of her closet for today. I know I showed some of these items yesterday but to be honest, I’m really loving this hair, it’s so cute & spring like. As you can see it works just as well with jeans as it did with the dress.


  • Rhonda Top True from Celoe 0L (GG, Free to join) MESH
  • Capri Jeans Leggings from Ibizarre 40L (50% Off Closing Sale)
  • Mimi Flats – Floral from VERSHE (New Release Review) MESH


  • Shape: Maya from Crush 250L
  • Skin: Maya – Powder (Smokey) from Crush 300L
  • Hair: Lola – Black Coffee (16 Scarf Textures) from Wasabi Pills 250L MESH
  • Eyes: Bicolored Pink & Blue from Blah. 40L (The Black Market)
  • Eyelashes: Lashes 6 from .ploom. (Came w/ a skin)
  • Parted Lips 1 (MP LINK) from [:TULI:] 0L
  • Pattern Nails – Brocade Pack from [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] (Bought during La Venta Eventa but are full price now for 150L)


  • Kristal Earrings from Stars! 0L (Hi5 Hunt)
  • Mood Ring w/ 9 different moods/colors & resizer from .HollyWeird. 0L (Group/Subscriber Gift)

Pose from Blah. (Past Hunt Prize)
Luna Jubilee Springscape Windlight Setting (Download Here)


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