Hoppy Easter Peeps!!!

I’ve had a BAD day…I took bazillions of photos…lost count on how many poses I tried…to be honest I’m having a bad blogger moment; nothing I try seems to suit me. So I obviously left my egg avatar form, I wanted to show off this cute outfit that was in VERSHE’s Freebie Friday hunt. Now she was kind enough to extend it to Saturday..this is why it pays to be in her awesome “posse” as she refers to it. I did a double take as I like to call it..LoL…one look very colorful in celebration of Easter & one that’s vintage-ish….I guess…anyways, I hope you all have a safe & blessed holiday, big hugs & kisses from me!


  • Easter Chic Bodysuit (Tulli – Mint Yellow) from VERSHE (Freebie Friday, Read notes)
  • Easter Chic Skirt from VERSHE (Freebie Friday)
  • Jimmy Who – Hearties Pumps from VERSHE (Freebie Friday)


  • Shape: Ashton from :: Happy.Face ::  (GG, Free to join – Check past notices)
  • Skin: Miah – Fair/Blue Makeup from EnvyMe 1L (World Culture’s Easter Hunt)
  • Hair: Calm (Duo Color Version) from Magika 0L (Subscriber GG) -MESH-
  • Eyes: Hypnotic- Aztec_Burst from Birth (Past hunt prize)
  • Eyelashes: Lashes 6 from .ploom. (Came w/ a skin)


  • Easter Chic Bunny Glasses, ears & belt from VERSHE (Freebie Friday)
  • NomNom Carrot from [ni.Ju] (Freebie downstairs)


-Freebie Friday is something that the owner of VERSHE does every Friday…it’s new & a great way to snatch up some of her awesome items, but you must be in the group to do so & it’s free to join.
-Eggs! is the oh so sweet Krisy’s item for this weeks TOSL & it’s only 125L….very detailed & perfect for those Easter photos….Oh yeah, be sure to check out the TOSL Blog to see what other designers are joining in.


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