Taking a break

I sometimes wonder if moving in SL is just as bad as in RL but then I think…RL doesn’t have my neatly organized inventory; either way they both give headaches. I actually said to myself WTF is wrong with you Beth…all this PINK…but since I’ve started blogging, I’ve actually came to like the color. Here are some new items as well as old ones too….blows slobbery kisses your way..Enjoy!



  • Shape: Rossie from CherryTw!st 1L (WCEH)
  • Skin: Leilani – Gold Fish Sunkissed from al Vulo! (April GG, Free to join)
  • Hair: Kumi Pony – Blacks from Wasabi Pills 250L [MESH]
  • Eyes: Reflections (MP LINK) from [S] Optics 1L
  • Pattern Nails – Brocade from [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] 150L
  • Tribal Tattoo – Set 2 (Wearing bottom layer) from ::VMC:: 10L


  • Yum Bubblegum from [PF] 50L
  • Cassette Necklace from ~Pepper~ 5L


  • I’m Strong Pose from Blah. (Past Hunt Prize)
  • My Day Off Bed from Juxtapose 0L (Fist Pump Hunt)
  • FlowaPowa Pendant Lamp from {what next} (No Longer Sold)
  • Beautiful Life Wall Decal (Made by myself)
  • Color.Me Room Divider (MP LINK) from nordari. 0L
  • Tattered Trunk from {what next} Outlet 25L
  • Fishiepani from -Hanaya- (April GG, 250L to join)
  • Millennium Chair from Art Dummy (Past Hunt Prize)
  • Cardboard Boxes Flipped (MP LINK) from RO 1L [MESH]

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