Bună Ziua Peeps

Okay so I totally hope that means Hello…I love how every time I go to Flickr it gives me a greeting in another laguage, kinda awesome sauce don’t cha think? I spent all day checking out new rounds of some of the greatest sales & events around Second Life, getting my look together….then what do ya know as soon as I go to blog…..SL decides to be a pain in my pixel ass. But OMG Collabor88, Private Room Event, Grenade Free Wednesday (for a lil bit longer) & XY Room are just a few examples of what’s new. Now that I’ve scanned my computer, restarted my router & gave the lappy a well deserved break..mabee I can get to working on bringing y’all some more goodies. Oh & always a friendly reminder, I added more…Yes MORE hunts to the hunt page at the top of the blog….some haven’t started so if you’re a designer or blogger perhaps you can apply to one of em…yanno if you’re interested in all that good stuff, well I love everyone, thanks for getting me over that 2K hits milestone…hugs & kisses, Bethy!!


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