\o/ Finally was able to get this blog done. You know there are days I doubt myself…do I have what it takes to keep blogging or will I ever be like some of the great photographers in SL but then I sit back & think to myself, I don’t want to be like them. I’m me & that’s that, my style is mine & for those that have given me these doubts…STFU. I love what I do & I’m learning something new with every photo…every post. I learn from those that inspire me but that’s as far it goes, because when I start to mimic what others do, then I loose a little bit of me each time. Soooo for my fellow bloggers, keep up the good work. Never let your passion fade & keep doing what you do…well for YOU!


  • Almost Top – Black from -SU!- 80L
  • Skinnyz Splitz Jeans – White/Black from ::AlterEgo:: 199L
  • Chain Boots – Black from Death Row Designs (LL Board, Group ONLY – No fee)


  • Shape: ReLoaD from SuPerBia 0L (In-Store Gift)
  • Skin: Grace – Mistletoe from [Atomic] (Past Hunt Prize)
  • Hair: Kumi Pony – Blacks [MESH] from Wasabi Pills 250L
  • Eyes: Reflections (MP LINK) from [S] Optics 1L
  • Blowin Smoke Eyeshadow from ::AlterEgo:: (Part of Cyberpunk)
  • Face Tattoo from .::Pin-up Ink::. (Past Hunt Prize)
  • Dragon Butterfly Tattoo (MP LINK) from Faded Ink 45L
  • Punk Perfect Hands – Size 10 (MP LINK) from Dirtyland 195L *Includes Nails, Bracelets, & Ring*


-If you need info on any of the props used please let me know, most are freebies!


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