Waiting Impatiently

I swear I sat…stood…sat some more….then stood again, walking in circles at the bus stop & not one bus passed by me. I mean was there like a bus driver strike that I didn’t hear about. Luckily I left my purse at home & had credit card in hand mouth, whatever, I was like totally ready to shop & most definitely did not need an extra bag to carry. My need to shop kicked in & I just sucked it up & walked to the stores, probably wished I hadn’t worn boots with heels…could so use a foot massage now 😛 but at the end of the day, it was totally worth it, no pain no gain…Right?!?!


  • Knockout [MESH] from Envious 179L (New Release)
  • Complete outfit in XS-S-M-L-XL w/ bangles, collar, & boots.


  • Shape: Maya from Crush 250L
  • Skin: Maya – Sunkissed (Aqua) from Crush 100L (Spring Skin Sale, Read Notes)
  • Hair: Luna –  Roots Edition from Magika 249L
  • Eyes: Oasis Blue from [kirei] 20L
  • Eyelashes: Medium Classic – Black (MP LINK) from -MPP- 90L
  • Rainbow Nails (MP LINK) from [Mad Echo] 1L


  • Kawaii Star Ring from .HollyWeird. 30L per color @ The Kawaii Fair (Ends April 28th)
  • Pink Visa Mouthie from Mstyle 1L
  • *Photo 1* Female 2 from .::MORPHINE Poses::. 0L (TRPH)
  • *Photo 2* Pose from *.amato.* (Past Hunt Prize)

Photos taken @ Mayfair (ALL MESH SIM, Make sure you have a compatible viewer)

-All Maya skins @ Crush are marked down from now until April 21st, individual packs are 100L while the fatpack is 1300L.


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