Relax…it’s just SL!

So the awesome Fame Lyric at Huax made these cute shirts, I’ve had it in my to blog folder for a bit wondering what to put it with….then as I browsed my recent items tab, I came across these cute mesh pants that matched the top pretty darn good in my opinion. So like I mentioned I haven’t been able to blog & probably shouldn’t be typing all this but I’ve had this look set for a few days now & some are from sales that will be ending like today. I had fun with this blog, a bit of relaxation & a walk around a really nice sim did me some good.


  • Adidas Tie Up Shirt Y/P from Hx. 125L (Various Colors)
  • Exclusive Mesh Pants from .:: [F]uchOn ::. 1L (WCEH)
  • Summer Crocodile Sandals – Rainbow (MP LINK) from +9 0L



  • Emo SkullZ Earrings from .HollyWeird. 30L (The Kawaii Fair – Ends April 28th)
  • Yoga Set (MP LINK) from ..: HC Creations:.. 10L (Promo)
  • Check Water Bottle (MP LINK) FROM +9 0L (2-Wear & 1-Rez)
  • Nana Pose from oOo Studio (Past Freebie)

Photos taken @ Seed


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