Juicy Mess

Ok….that title sounded better in my head, now that I read it out loud…ummm it’s a bit perverted, LoL. You know what I love about the warm weather, that is if it can make it’s mind up…one day it’s hot then the next it’s cool. I love the beach, standing at the edge so that the waves roll over my toes as they sink into the sand….mmm & some cold watermelon to munch on. Since it’s not quite time for all this in RL, I’ll take second best & enjoy it in SL, at least this way I won’t get any sunburn on my new skin!!


  • Lace Tank – Pink from .: Somnia :. 200L (9 colors in pack)
  • Crinkle Maxi Skirt – Rose [Mesh] from illmatic (GG, 100L to join)
  • Shape: Nicole from Waffle! 149L
  • Skin: Carmella – Sunkissed from …::: AV!SAGE :::… (Read Notes)
  • Hair: Mystery Redux – Dreamy Red from Clawtooth (GG, No fee)
  • Eyes: Gem – Sunset from .Insufferable Dastard. 0L (April Gift)
  • Lashes (Tattoo Layer) from .::CENSORED::. 0L (Kawaii Fair Gift)
  • Clear Lip Gloss (MP LINK) from Pink Acid 10L
  • Juicy Watermelon Mess Face from RazzBerry Inc 0L (Kawaii Fair Gift)
  • Watermelon Seeds (MP LINK) from +9 0L
  • Watermelon In hand (MP LINK)  from +9 0L (Summer Gift)
  • Pose #2 (FP Model Poses) from Adore&Abhor (Pay w/e you like) *Photo 1*
  • Pose #3 from Isis Boutique 0L (Pose Fair Gift) *Photo 2*

Photos taken @ Miami Beach

-The Kawaii Fair ends TOMORROW, almost out of time, here’s your ride.
-The Pose Fair will be ending soon as well, you have until the 30th.
-This skin will be available at this months SHOP-A-THON which runs from now until the 30th I believe & it’s only 50L…can’t turn down a bargain like that…so here’s the taxi to get cha there.

For those that prefer names rather than LM’s, I’ll start doing my best to include both, big thanks to these awesome designers, so stop reading & go check em out:

Somnia – Sanura Snowpaw
illmatic – Kaiden Trill
Waffle – Kiki Paine
AV!SAGE – Sabreen Held
Clawtooth – Bubbles Clawtooth
Insufferable Dastard – Audrey Lamede
CENSORED – Cindy Oysternatz
Pink Acid – Stasey Oller
RazzBerry Inc. – Jayme Lorakeet
+9 – canue Glazner
Adore&Abhor – Airedine Poe
Isis Boutique – Tinka Bondar


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