Oh muh gah, time just flies by I swear. I spent the better part of my morning running errands & what not..also got to go out to lunch with my mom which was nice. Anyways, I have had NO sleep whatsoever & I still have more to do in RL, just one of those days I tell ya. So since I’m not sure I can get the post I’m working on completed before I leave…You know photos, credits & LM’s so I took a quick headshot to show these glasses just in case. Why the rush you ask? Because these awesome Mesh  Aviator Glasses from …::: AV!SAGE :::… are only 50L at the SHOP-A-THON, which so happens, it ends today. I’ve recently been given the honor to blog for this designer & I’ve yet to be disappointed in the style & quality. These are a must have, don’t waste any more time, here’s the Taxi to get you there, don’t worry the meter is paid in full.

Hugs & Kisses,


P.S. Thanks for being so patient with me these past 2 weeks, I’m back full force now & this post in it’s entirety will be around later today, I promise  Scratch that, I had to do the stoopid female test b/c I wouldn’t rezz & it took longer, heading to bed but pictures are finally taken just need to edit and blog, sorry everyone!


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