Hunt Countdown

*Does a lil dance in her seat* I LOVE hunts, I mean what person in their right mind doesn’t. So a month from now The Accessories Hunt will begin & I get the opportunity to blog it…so hopefully sometime in the upcoming weeks I’ll have some previews of the prizes you can find. Read below for some info on this hunt!

  • When: June 1st – 30th 2012 (So make sure you mark that calendar)
  • Starting Location: Sleeping Koala
  • Info on the hunt blog here
  • This hunt will be accessories ONLY, if that wasn’t obvious 😛 but it’ll include anything like jewelry, belts, mouthies, glasses & much more.
  • Some kid stores are participating so this hunt will be PG.
  • If you like, you can join the “Stuff My Inventory Hunts” Group in-world here: secondlife:///app/group/2d2601f9-417b-73a0-ce34-3442deae78a6/about


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