The Best Pickles are SOUR

I have lots of goodies to show y’all from Sour Pickles, so I’ll separate em into two post. Xandra is a busy lil bee, not only does she throw chick stuff & household items my way, she even has love for the dudes too. So this week are some sexy trunks great for lounging around the pool or getting those pixels tanned on the beach….your choice. Now since I don’t have much male items & I was totally lazy & didn’t want to find a top, I used a pose…a pregnancy one of all things to cover my bits.


  • Paradise Trunks – Grey Rider & Blue Flora from [SP] 
  • Both are 50L during this weeks 50L Frenzy & come in S-M-L-XL.
  • Haley Shape (MP LINK) from B.A.D. 99L
  • Lalipop Uno Skin – Tan from !NFluence (Blogger Pack)
  • Dora Black VI Hair from MADesigns (Past Hunt Item)
  • Sunrise Eyes – Black from IKON (Past GG, now 150L)
  • Lashes from .::CENSORED::. (Now Closed Kawaii Fair)
  • Oh Love Don’t Let Me Go Tattoo from Nox. (Past Hunt Item)
  • Mommy Fantasy Pose (MP LINK) from ::: Bebotes :: 1L

♥ Thanks ♥
Sour Pickles – Xandra Bressig
!Nfluence – Lylah Lyric
MADesigns – Maddox Dupont
IKON – Ikon Innovia
CENSORED – Cindy Oysternatz
Nox – Anya McConach
Bebotes – Bebotes Resident


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