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Who needs a title?

My apologies, I realize that it’s been a few days since I’ve posted. But I had some RL stuff & I honestly needed a break. My last few post were for people that sponsor my blog so this post I wanted to blog for ME. Don’t get my wrong, I am ever so grateful to those designers that trust in my blog but sometimes I want to do something just for myself,with that being said, here is my LOTD. This pullover is so comfy, lounge around the house kind of comfy to be exact & for some reason I felt kinda 80ish with it on, so I paired it with some tights. It is mesh & there is no demo….but for the price of it, I think you can afford to take a chance.

I ♥ how intense these eyes are!!


  • Matrix Pullover [MESH] from 1L
  • My Lazy Leggings – Pink from Blah (Old Item)
  • Face Your Phobia Boots from [nn] (Past Hunt Item)
  • Haley Shape (MP LINK) from B.A.D. 99L
  • Fireball Skin w/ teeth from Sugar 0L (High Voltage Hunt)
  • Say Hair – Black from [e] 0L (ALL Colors)
  • Hairbase (MP LINK) from Truth 0L (ALL Colors)
  • Mystic Eyes – Magical from negaposi 50L (Discount Section)
  • Lashes from .::CENSORED::. (Now Closed Kawaii Fair)

♥ Thanks ♥ – Fionna Cale
Blah – Hoshi Kimono
[nn] Designs – Naraia Noriega
Sugar – Iokko Molko
[elikatira] – Elikapeka Tiramisu
Truth – Truth Hawks
negaposi – Durttrashdurt Zipper
CENSORED – Cindy Oysternatz
Chop Zuey – Belle Roussel
Scrub – ramon Jonstone
Pink Sugah – tAyLa Peapod
no wow – Lisbeth Gummibaum


Rainbows & Stuff

Yupppp, I’m still strolling around SL bare foot, so what…don’t hate. I’m just in love with these feet..look close I made my nails all different colors to match these cute pants from Pop Tart. I must admit though, I had NEVER heard of this store before, this is why I recommend hunts, not only do you get a free or cheap item, it opens up doors to find places you’d never known existed otherwise. Most of you know, I’m not a fan of pink but these pants are so comfy lookin’, like those rainy days you just sit at home lounging on the couch watching movies all day or cartoon re-runs like me…YO DON’T JUDGE ME, I know you watch em too. Anywho, I’ll get to the end already, here’s some tuneage.

♫ Play Me ♫

Close up of the piercing!!


  • T Shirt – Pist/Pink from MDL 0L (Momiji Hunt)
  • Rainbow Jammie Pants [MESH] from Pop Tart 0L (LBMC Hunt)
  • Panties from *Anymore (Now Closed Kawaii Fair)
  • Shape: Haley (MP LINK) from B.A.D. 99L
  • Skin: Debbie – Ohh Deer Chantilly from Al Vulo (GG, No Fee)
  • Hair: Cookie [MESH] from Wasabi Pills 250L (NEW)
  • Utopia Eyes – Light Silver+Blue from IKON (Past GG, No Fee)
  • Female Mesh Flat Bare Feet (MP LINK) from *GA* 380L
  • Lashes from .::CENSORED::. (Now Closed Kawaii Fair)
  • IDGAF Stomach Tattoo from Crush (No Longer Available)
  • ColorTrash Glasses from Glasiz (Old Item)
  • Bubble Gum from MDL 0L (Momiji Hunt)
  • A Little Less Piercing from Atooly (Past Hunt Item)
  • Bracelets from .:* LOULOU&CO *:.  (Past Hunt Item)
  • Pose in photo 2 from Juxtapose 0L (High Voltage Hunt)
  • Photos taken @ Kerebely Free Photo Studio

♥ Thanks ♥
MDL – Suvi Breil
Pop Tart – PopTarrt Resident
*Anymore – luciana Button
Al Vulo! – Hlin Bluebird
Wasabi Pills – MissAllSunday Lemon
IKON – Ikon Innovia
Gaeline Creations – Gael Streeter
CENSORED – Cindy Oysternatz
Crush – dungivaphuk Resident
Shadz (Formerly Glasiz) – Enzo Davies
Atooly – Rockstarroo Gossipgirl
LOULOU&CO – lolly Carlberg
Juxtapose – Rain Laval

Where’d You Go?

I logged into Second Life to an offline message that changed my world, someone that was once a partner & best friend was found dead. I wished I had more time, but death..whether we want to think of it, is a possibility for all of us at any given time. I regret not talking to him like I should, finding myself totally consumed in my blog for the last few months, I’ve became a loner. Now I’ll never get to laugh at how he said things in his New York accent while he’d poke fun of my southern one. The hanging out & all night Skype calls are now a thing of the past, so I urge you, don’t get so busy that you can’t take the time for a friend, we’re never promised tomorrow….

R.I.P. Joey

♫ Tune ♫


  • Outfit: Springin from :.Envious.:  (GG/0L Fee)
  • Includes jacket & headphones not shown, have until Sun. to get it.
  • Shape: Haley from B.A.D. 99L (MP Promo)
  • Skin: Lucinda – Olive w/ Teeth from *VERSHE* (Past Freebie)
  • Hair: Cori (Reds) from Magika 199L
  • Eyes: Sunrise – Black from IKON (Past GG, now 150L)
  • Lashes from .::CENSORED::. (Now Closed Kawaii Fair)
  • Forever Young Tattoo from .:: Delusions ::.  10L (YOLO Hunt)
  • Brass Knuckle Belt – White from ~Pepper~  (Past GG)
  • Little Piece of Sunshine from Lolapop! (Now Closed Kawaii Fair)
  • Long Hair Pose 003 from Glitterati 50L
  • Photos taken @ qbee
*If you notice in the first photo around the collar bone it’s darker, now I’m not sure if that’s from the windlight settings as I’ve had problems recently with wearing multiple layers; I do apologize for this as I didn’t notice it until I went to edit!

♥ Thanks ♥
Envious – SayaNicole Cuttita
VERSHE – Vershel Iadyl
Magika – Sabina Gully
IKON (formerly FASHISM) – Ikon Innovia
CENSORED – Cindy Oysternatz
Delusions – Whisper Mizin
Pepper – Danni Pfeffer
Lasaki (formerly Lolapop!) – Sakuradawn Lei
Glitterati – Katey Coppola