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Geez it seems like FOREVER since I’ve actually did a blog post. I’m sooooo sorry to all those that follow me as well as my sponsors. I’ve been working in RL this past week & when I was at home I was so tired, all I felt like doing was sleeping. Which is what I wanna do right now but I feel like I’ve neglected my blog for far too long, with that being said, here is my LOTD!


  • Sporty Outfit (MP LINK) from Ducknipple 95L (PROMO)
  • Outfit is partial Mesh includes all shown plus pasties & a necklace.
  • Haley Shape (MP LINK) from B.A.D. 99L
  • Naomi Skin – Sunkiss from AV!SAGE (SYS Project)
  • Jessie [MESH] Hair from Truth 0L (SoM Gift)
  • Sunrise Eyes – Deep Bronze from IKON (Past GG, now 150L)
  • Lashes from .::CENSORED::. (Now Closed Kawaii Fair)
  • Black Camo Nails from [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] 5L (Drafted Hunt)

♥ Thanks ♥
Ducknipple – beanster Potato
AV!SAGE – Sabreen Held
Truth Hair – Truth Hawks
IKON – Ikon Innovia
CENSORED – Cindy Oysternatz
Virtual Insanity – Loviathar Hellman
CoLLisions – Guenevere DeCuir
Phoebe Piercings & More – Phoebe Ubert
Aomori – aomoristore Resident
Juxtapose – Rain Laval


Rainbows & Stuff

Yupppp, I’m still strolling around SL bare foot, so what…don’t hate. I’m just in love with these feet..look close I made my nails all different colors to match these cute pants from Pop Tart. I must admit though, I had NEVER heard of this store before, this is why I recommend hunts, not only do you get a free or cheap item, it opens up doors to find places you’d never known existed otherwise. Most of you know, I’m not a fan of pink but these pants are so comfy lookin’, like those rainy days you just sit at home lounging on the couch watching movies all day or cartoon re-runs like me…YO DON’T JUDGE ME, I know you watch em too. Anywho, I’ll get to the end already, here’s some tuneage.

♫ Play Me ♫

Close up of the piercing!!


  • T Shirt – Pist/Pink from MDL 0L (Momiji Hunt)
  • Rainbow Jammie Pants [MESH] from Pop Tart 0L (LBMC Hunt)
  • Panties from *Anymore (Now Closed Kawaii Fair)
  • Shape: Haley (MP LINK) from B.A.D. 99L
  • Skin: Debbie – Ohh Deer Chantilly from Al Vulo (GG, No Fee)
  • Hair: Cookie [MESH] from Wasabi Pills 250L (NEW)
  • Utopia Eyes – Light Silver+Blue from IKON (Past GG, No Fee)
  • Female Mesh Flat Bare Feet (MP LINK) from *GA* 380L
  • Lashes from .::CENSORED::. (Now Closed Kawaii Fair)
  • IDGAF Stomach Tattoo from Crush (No Longer Available)
  • ColorTrash Glasses from Glasiz (Old Item)
  • Bubble Gum from MDL 0L (Momiji Hunt)
  • A Little Less Piercing from Atooly (Past Hunt Item)
  • Bracelets from .:* LOULOU&CO *:.  (Past Hunt Item)
  • Pose in photo 2 from Juxtapose 0L (High Voltage Hunt)
  • Photos taken @ Kerebely Free Photo Studio

♥ Thanks ♥
MDL – Suvi Breil
Pop Tart – PopTarrt Resident
*Anymore – luciana Button
Al Vulo! – Hlin Bluebird
Wasabi Pills – MissAllSunday Lemon
IKON – Ikon Innovia
Gaeline Creations – Gael Streeter
CENSORED – Cindy Oysternatz
Crush – dungivaphuk Resident
Shadz (Formerly Glasiz) – Enzo Davies
Atooly – Rockstarroo Gossipgirl
LOULOU&CO – lolly Carlberg
Juxtapose – Rain Laval

Bit of down time

When I tried on this weeks blogger items for Sour Pickles, the first thing that came to mind with these jeans were something country-ish. This cabin at Gulf of Lune surround by water was the perfect go to spot, sitting in the chair fishing as the sun had faded & gave way to the stars…nothing could more perfect, except having my love by my side. If you have never checked out this sim, I recommend it….perfect for any setting. Also what country girl wears shoes..I mean cmon, barefoot & free is the way to go. Except prim feet are horrendous, after asking the awesome peeps on Plurk, I demo’d these mesh feet from *GA” I admit matching the color was a challenge in itself but worth it b/c they are well made with loads of options for changing the nails & then some….check em out for yourself. So happy shopping, hugs & kisses!!


  • Stability Tee – (Graffiti/BLK) Deathabilly from [SP] (50L Sale)
  • Rumpled Jeans from [SP] (55L for Fifty5 Thursday)
  • Shape: Haley from B.A.D. 99L (MP Promo)
  • Skin: Lily V2 Medium from -Belleza-  (GG, 250L Fee)
  • Hair: Lilyan (Streaked) – Blacks from .ploom. 200L
  • Horizon Eyes v2 – Caramel from IKON (Past GG, No Fee)
  • Female Mesh Flat Bare Feet (MP LINK) from *GA* 380L
  • Paint Me Nailpolish – Red w/ Hearts from [SP] *
  • Receive the fishing pole by clicking the chair!!!
  • Pose in close up from Poise (Past Freebie)
  • Photos taken @ Gulf of Lune
*This nail polish was from Valentines & is no longer available in this specific shade but check at the Mainstore for other colors for 25L each.

♥ Thanks ♥
Sour Pickles – Xandra Bressig
Belleza – Tricky Boucher
Ploom – Helyanwe Vindaloo
IKON – Ikon Innovia
Gaeline Creations – Gael Streeter
Poise – Mojo Skytower