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Geez it seems like FOREVER since I’ve actually did a blog post. I’m sooooo sorry to all those that follow me as well as my sponsors. I’ve been working in RL this past week & when I was at home I was so tired, all I felt like doing was sleeping. Which is what I wanna do right now but I feel like I’ve neglected my blog for far too long, with that being said, here is my LOTD!


  • Sporty Outfit (MP LINK) from Ducknipple 95L (PROMO)
  • Outfit is partial Mesh includes all shown plus pasties & a necklace.
  • Haley Shape (MP LINK) from B.A.D. 99L
  • Naomi Skin – Sunkiss from AV!SAGE (SYS Project)
  • Jessie [MESH] Hair from Truth 0L (SoM Gift)
  • Sunrise Eyes – Deep Bronze from IKON (Past GG, now 150L)
  • Lashes from .::CENSORED::. (Now Closed Kawaii Fair)
  • Black Camo Nails from [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] 5L (Drafted Hunt)

♥ Thanks ♥
Ducknipple – beanster Potato
AV!SAGE – Sabreen Held
Truth Hair – Truth Hawks
IKON – Ikon Innovia
CENSORED – Cindy Oysternatz
Virtual Insanity – Loviathar Hellman
CoLLisions – Guenevere DeCuir
Phoebe Piercings & More – Phoebe Ubert
Aomori – aomoristore Resident
Juxtapose – Rain Laval


An apple a day

To be blunt, there is nothing I know of that an apple a day will keep away…how cliche. Although I’d like to think I’m sweet as apple pie *bats her eyelashes* This tree is the cutest thing I’ve seen in awhile, it has 3 single poses & some couple ones which I’ve yet to test out. When I seen this outfit from Envious, I wanted to use it in a beach scene BUT I’m true to my roots of being a country girl so skipping in the fields to the apple trees with basket in hand is more up my alley, either way it’s cute for all summer settings.


  • Heat Wave Outfit from :.Envious.: 189L (NEW)
  • Top is Mesh w/ Color HUD & includes bangles & shoes.
  • Haley Shape (MP LINK) from B.A.D. 99L
  • Fireball Skin w/ teeth from Sugar 0L (High Voltage Hunt)
  • Aria [MESH] Hair from .ploom. 95L (My Attic)
  • Mystic Eyes – Magical from negaposi 50L (Discount Section)
  • Lashes from .::CENSORED::. (Now Closed Kawaii Fair)
  • High Voltage Tattoo from – piccara – 0L (High Voltage Hunt)
  • Apple Tree from Tiar 1L (Cleaving Cliches Hunt)
  • Apple Offering Set (MP LINK) from Uncertain Smile 5L

♥ Thanks ♥
Envious – SayaNicole Cuttita
Sugar – Iokko Molko
Ploom – Helyanwe Vindaloo
negaposi – Durttrashdurt Zipper
CENSORED – Cindy Oysternatz
Piccara – Kamilah08 Collinson
Tiar – Atiya Baar
Uncertain Smile – Isabelli Anatine

Come on in, the water is fine!

Who needs those fancy smancy country clubs when you can relax in a pool on yer front porch? Only thing missing is some hot pool boy to come clean up after I’m done. The weather is so “weird” here, I wonder if it’ll ever be swimsuit season…but the weather is whatever we want it to be in SL so why not get a head start & with these bargains, you can’t miss out. To be honest, I’m so tired today from RL stuff that I didn’t list EVERYTHING that’s visible in my photos like I normally do; I firmly believe in giving full credit where it is due but it’s a headache sometimes. So if you’re curious about something you see that I did not put into credits, please do comment or message me in-world & I’d be more than happy to get you the info!
Click photos to enlarge!!
  • Soniya Swimsuit- Dots Blue from [SP]  (Fifty5 Thurs Item-55L)
  • Soniya Swimsuit – Purple from [SP]  (Weekly Sale Item-50L)
  • Haley Shape (MP LINK) from B.A.D. 99L
  • Lalipop Uno Skin – Tan from !NFluence (Blogger Pack)
  • Lola Hair [MESH] from Wasabi Pills 250L
  • Sunrise Eyes – Deep Bronze from IKON (Past GG, now 150L)
  • Female Mesh Flat Bare Feet (MP LINK) from *GA* 380L
  • Lashes from .::CENSORED::. (Now Closed Kawaii Fair)
  • Oh Love Don’t Let Me Go Tattoo from Nox. (Past Hunt Item)
  • Yum Bubblegum from [PF] 50L
  • Swarming Colors Pool from [SP]  (Monday Mania Item-50L)
  • Pose from Juxtapose 0L (High Voltage Hunt)

♥ Thanks ♥
Sour Pickles – Xandra Bressig
!Nfluence – Lylah Lyric
Wasabi Pills – MissAllSunday Lemon
IKON – Ikon Innovia
Gaeline Creations – Gael Streeter
CENSORED – Cindy Oysternatz
Nox – Anya McConach
Pink Fuel – Mochi Milena
Juxtapose – Rain Laval